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Digital drawing created using Krita

Scratch Sketch.jpg
A sketch for the background image for an art project

The images in this record form a collection from the analysis of a project on representation in the Palme D'Or competition.

The exhibit analyses biographic data pertaining to three groups of people relevant to films in the Festival de Cannes’…

A data-driven approach to understanding the impact of Spotify's fan-curated playlists on Canadian artists.

A data driven analysis of Canadian active rock radio from 2010 to 2020 looking at the representation of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and nationality through a data feminist lens. This record includes all of the project visualisations, as well…

An image representing the Tiki Toki timeline created by Mills Amaning for his project on racial profiling at the University of Ottawa.View the project Tiki Toki of Racial Profiling at the University of Ottawa.

The image used on as the background for the Data Mappers's project was retrieved from Unplash.

To access the photo:

To access the Data Mappers' project:…
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