Digital History - Histoire Numérique

How does learning history change using digital tools to support research and writing? What happens when the study of the past is presented in the digital realm? The possibilities for students to approach history in a diversity of ways is exciting when millions of significant primary and secondary source texts, photographs, videos, audio sources, artefacts, maps, and much more have been made available online via academic and public realms.

This site is an exploration of these questions as presented by student scholars at the University of Ottawa, under the guidance of Dr. Jo McCutcheon. Students at uOttawa now have the opportunity to explore their research passions using digital history tools that will assist them with future career opportunities that may include teaching, archives, museums, or professional research.

This site is an ongoing reflection of this work. The efforts showcased herein are the works of students from a variety of classes within the Department of History. We encourage you to browse our website, learn about the participating classes, and explore the virtual history displays that the next generations of historians are creating.

This website is also a reflection of the important partnership with Morisset Library.  Through in-class presentations introducing students to tools to digitally enable their projects and research,  Sarah Simpkin (Digital Humanities Scholarship) Nancy Lemay (Digital Humanities librarian) and Roxanne Lafleur have also spent many hours meeting with students outside the classroom further building and supporting this important collaborative working relationship enhancing the Digital Humanities at the University of Ottawa.