Female Voices: Service with a Smile


The subject of my research is telephone service advertisements from the 1940s to the 1960s. I have chosen this subject because initially, I had not thought that gender would be a pertinent part of telephone advertisements, but I quickly discovered that that was not the case. The differences between how men and women are portrayed in these advertisements reflect the gender roles of the time which were that women were meant to be housewives and their husbands were meant to be the breadwinner. Women were also meant to keep a friendly demeanour whereas men were encouraged to be bold and assertive. The stark differences between the portrayal of the genders in advertisements for this service are very fascinating and why I have decided to research this topic.

Using Omeka

I have decided to create an Omeka exhibit for my final project because it is an excellent way to share textual information with visual aids; it is a much more engaging format than a research paper with an annex for images. I also liked using Omeka because it is an easy way to share additional information that does not necessarily fit within the main corpus but is still valuable information. This has been a great opportunity for me to learn how to create a gallery such as this one because I now have the necessary skills to do this again or something similar for future projects. 


Tori Rinaldi