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Love Songs (8') is a song cycle by Jonathan Bailey Holland with text by Sandra Cisneros. The work was premiered by Caprice Corona, soprano and Alison d'Amato, piano in 1999. It is scored for high voice and piano.

for alto flute, Bb clarinet, cello, piano

Duration: 11 minutes

commissioned by Ensemble New Amsterdam

Commissioned by the New Gallery Concert Series
Performers: Jessi Rosinski, Flute; Jesse Irons, Violin; Raphael Popper-Keiser, Cello; Jennfer Elowski-Fox, Piano

Commissioned and Premiered by the Radius Ensemble, 2009

for woodwind quintet (alto flute, english horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn) and drum set. Commissioned by the Radius Ensemble

Chamber work for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion, commissioned by the Radius Ensemble.

Composer Jonathan Bailey Holland has written music that has been performed across the country and around the world. He has been commissioned and performed by the orchestras of Atlanta, Baltimore, BBC, Cincinnati, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kalamazoo, Los…

A chamber work for alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, viola, and cello, inspired by Cornelia Parker's art installation Anti-Mass. Premiered by the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble.
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