Hôtel de ville. Conférence de révision de la Convention de Genève.

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Hôtel de ville. Conférence de révision de la Convention de Genève.


Switzerland, Geneva.
Photographed here is the 1906 Geneva Convention which was held to revise the first treaty signed in 1864. The Geneva Conventions is a series of permeant international treaties that limit the powers of States in war. The treaties were the first modern international humanitarian law intended to be universal. The ICRC prioritized cases where international conflict threatened global stability and where Christians were victims of war. The photographer captured the men at the Geneva Conference at their seats which signifies the goal of capturing the energy of the room and the work being done instead of the men themselves. Many of the men are looking directly into the camera and most have a serious expression which reflects the matter they were discussing. The men take up two-thirds of the frame vertically, and span the entire frame horizontally, showing that they are the subject of the photo. This also makes the audiences eyes span across the photograph. The slide also has name, date, and official seal of the conference and the signatures of everyone who was present, delineating the importance of the moment.

The primary goal of the ICRC was to humanize war, not to prevent or stop it. This principle was rooted in the hope that by humanizing war, it would no longer be used as a tool for human brutality and war would eventually disappear. The ICRC was not a pacifist organization and war between two or civilized states was still believed to be honourable to some extent. War, for the sake of colonialism, seemed to be a requirement by the ICRC because Indigenous peoples were believed to be barbaric and therefore needed Westerners to civilize them.


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