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Clean Up The World


Clean Up The World is a global organization is based in North Sydney, Australia. Clean Up The World attempts to prevent pollution by removing litter from heavily polluted areas as well as the world's oceans, its main goal is to prevent litter from interfering with our environment. Clean Up The World became nationally recognized in Australia that developed Clean-Up Day which is officially a part of the Australian Calendar ( 2021).

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ENGO (Environmental Non-Governmental Organization)

Advocacy Reach

global organization

Year founded


Budget Information

275,880 AUD, 2020.

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140 Arthur St, North Sydney, Australia.

Associated Course

Introduction to Sociology II (Carleton SOCI 1002)

Student Cataloguer

Mohammed Haj-Hasan


Mohammed Haj-Hasan, “Clean Up The World ,” Recipro: The history of international and humanitarian aid, accessed March 4, 2024,

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