Environmental Justice Australia

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Environmental Justice Australia


This ENGO uses legal means to support the environmental movement in Australia. When governments and corporations fail to uphold their responsibilities to environmentally sustainable practices, this ENGO helps hold them accountable by bringing them to court. Environmental Justice Australia also advocates for law reform and policy changes that help protect the environment, and combat environmental racism. A large part of their work involves partnering with local communities and empowering them with legal expertise to protect wildlife and the community's health.

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ENGO (Environmental Non-Governmental Organization)

Advocacy Reach

national organization

Budget Information

2,172,833 AUD, 2020

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Level 3, the 60L Green Building, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton, Australia

Associated Course

Introduction to Sociology II (Carleton SOCI 1002)

Student Cataloguer

Olava Grunau


Olava Grunau, “Environmental Justice Australia,” Recipro: The history of international and humanitarian aid, accessed March 4, 2024, http://omeka.uottawa.ca/recipro/items/show/198.

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