Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI)

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Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI)


CPALI is an international ENGO that strives to create a community-focused approach to environmental conservation. Rather than focusing on legislature and large movements to bring about awareness, CPALI is focused on strengthening the relationship between the environment and the local people and farmers currently in Madagascar. Farmers in the project are improving conservation by planting trees, using spent larvae as protein and looking into the production of edible mushrooms to create useful local resources beneficial to the surrounding areas. CPALI also works with a large group of subsistence farmers to secure a market for local cultivated resources ( 2021).

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ENGO (Environmental Non-Governmental Organization)

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international organization

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334,300 USD, 2019.

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712 S. Palouse St., Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA (2021) & Varingohatra, Maroantsetra, CP 512, Madagascar (2021)

Associated Course

Introduction to Sociology II (Carleton SOCI 1002)

Student Cataloguer

Henry Monkhouse


Henry Monkhouse, “Conservation through Poverty Alleviation International (CPALI),” Recipro: The history of international and humanitarian aid, accessed February 27, 2024,

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