Shakespeare in Canada: A Cultural Map

Shakespeare in Canada: Exploring Our Cultural History through Digital Humanities

A project to create an online interactive cultural map of the presence of the Bard and the way in which his works have shaped Canadian culture.



To help build a cultural map of Shakespeare in Canada, our group focused on Shakespeare in Francophone Canada, specifically a French rendition of Shakespeare’s Pericles, performed at the Ottawa National Arts Centre in 1982 by renown theatre director André Brassard. This play was the first of its kind: no other Shakespeare play had been translated and performed in the French language on the NAC stage before. With the primary focus of the project set on analysing Shakespeare’s impact on Canadian culture, the notion that this play was a cultural pioneer in its own right was intriguing. This exhibit analyses and proves the impact of Pericles as an important transitional moment in French theatre while discovering Brassard’s effort in bringing this play to the French stage and the story and themes of Pericles itself.

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