The Regent Orchestra (1917-1918)

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The Regent theatre opened its doors in 1916 at the corner of Bank and Sparks. It was closed and demolished in 1972. This exhibit illuminates the varied careers of theatre musician in the late 1910s. The Regent was the only theatre to publish a picture of their orchestra in the Ottawa Journal and, in 1917-1918, this included seven of Ottawa's finest and most respected musicians.

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This exhibit was based on research conducted for the following thesis. Please refer to it for more information on the Regent and these musicians (including an analysis of their social network): Elsa Marshall, "Silent Film Music Research as Local Musicology: A Case Study of Musical Practices and Networks in Ottawa theatres from 1897 to 1929," (master's thesis, University of Ottawa, 2017).

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Created by Elsa Marshall, December 2017