University of Ottawa Silent Film Music Collection

Items from the University of Ottawa Silent Film Music Collection will be added to this database at some point in the future. These include ten cue sheets and sheet music from the late 1800s and early 1900s including photoplay music and popular songs. Many of these have pencilled notes indicating use and hinting at musical practice. The provenance of the uOttawa collection is unknown, but the inscriptions and stamps connect it with Canadian cities.

For an introduction to the collection and an analysis of the cue sheets, read the following:

Anderson, Shana. "Ideal Performance Practice for Silent Film: An Overview of How-to Manuals and Cue Sheet Music Accompaniment from the 1910s - 1920s." Master's Thesis. University of Ottawa, 2013.

For information on a 2014 exhibition of The Cat and the Canary at the University of Ottawa which used a cue sheet and sheet music from the collection, read the following:

Mazza, Mico. "Step back in time with silent film." The Fulcrum, April 3, 2014, Note: this article mistakenly refers to the "National Gallery" rather than "Library and Archives Canada"