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The Early Days of Women in Curling



If you have been curling long enough you eventually get good enough to teach curling. When you are doing a learn to curl some of the first questions you will get is what do I need to bring? the answer to this is always the same, clean flat shoes and stretchy pants. Oh, and absolutely no jeans either or you will have an uncomfortable experience. The thing is when you look at these old photos of women in their curling gear often, they are breaking these suggesting we give today. The women in these photos are wearing heeled boots and long skirts. From a modern perspective, this would seem impossible attire to curl in. Today seasoned curlers wear shoes designed especially for curling and thick yoga pant. How could these women curl in heeled boots and long skirts? It is questions like this that will be answered. The goal is to investigate what it was like to be a women curler in Canada around the late 1800s to early 1900s.