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Sunshine Mellows 7.jpg
Woman in hat and bathing suit on beach advertising public smoking for women

Sunshine Mellows 6.jpg
Woman on beach with people playing in background, advertising female smoking in public places

Sunshine Mellows 5.jpg
Woman on beach tanning, with people in background, advertising public smoking

Sunshine Mellows 4.jpg
Woman in swimming suit and cap advertising tobacco consumption in public

Sunshine Mellows 3.jpg
Woman on beach endorsing Luckies

Sunshine Mellows 2.jpg
Advertisement of woman at beach endorsing Lucky Strike and public smoking

Sunshine Mellows .jpg
Luckies are always kind to your throat -image of woman in bikini on beach, promoting Luckies

Do You Inhale 6.jpg
Woman and man standing with their arms wrapped around each other looking at the moon while smoking a cigarette together

Do You Inhale 5.jpg
Image of a man leaning over to whisper something to the woman, in a sensual manner, who is smoking a cigarette

Do You Inhale 4.jpg
Woman laying on the ground with a sensual looking outfit and heels, while the man, dressed in what appears to be sailor attire, is looking down at her while smoking.
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