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This is a telephone advertisement featuring a man on a telephone pole.

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An advertisement in a newspaper. It takes up a large portion of the page. On the ad there is a drawing of a female switchboard operator with text underneath that says: SHE STILL HAS "THE VOICE WITH A SMILE"
War traffic keeps her busier than ever but…

Lieut. H.G. Barrett, Military Medal
50 Freshwater Road

55 Patrick Street

Portrait of Newfoundland Regiment N.C.O.'s [Non-Commissioned Officers]
109 Freshwater Road

W. & N. C. O.'s [Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers], Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Stobs Camp
5 Howe Place

Capt. Gerald Guy Byrne
59 Flavin Street

Non-Commissioned Officers on SS Florizel
292 Beaumont Street

Capt. Eric Reginald Augustus Chafe
61 Springdale Street

Capt. John Clift
100 Military Road
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