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A photograph of St. Patrick's Church, in Montreal.

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News paper article.

Newspaper clipping, dates October 3, 1929

Article is focused on the ceremony, then history, and the very last and shortest paragraph contains one sentence that says the kids have been transferred two provinces over to an IRS in Edmonton, AB. The…

Love and Femininity 1.jpg
Image of bride in wedding dress smoking Luckies to represent purity and modernity

Love and Feminity 6.jpg
Woman and man smoking together, with the caption 'I like what you like' which implies Lucky Strike cigarettes

Love and Feminity 5.jpg
Picture of woman smoking with man, standing in a doorway, what appears to be her place, while the man is casually chatting with her. The overall purpose is to endorse Lucky Strike by implying that they are good enough to have more than one

Love and Feminity 7.jpg
Image of a woman holding a cigarette to a mans mouth for him to smoke, both are dressed in high-end clothes
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