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Future Shadow 1.jpg
Focused on avoiding the future shadow, and refraining from eating sweets or too much food, instead encouraging nicotine consumption.

Future Shadow 2.jpg
When tempted, reach for a lucky, focuses on promoting weight loss and avoiding temptation by smoking.

Future Shadow 3.jpg
Avoid that future shadow by refraining from overindulgence.

Future Shadow 4.jpg
Avoid that future shadow, quote from John Greenleaf.

Future Shadow 5.jpg
Avoid that future shadow, focuses on worry about what figure will look like if continue to overeat.

Future Shadow 6.jpg
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quote used to promote weight loss through smoking

Future Shadow 8.jpg
Carry on -avoid that future shadow. Targeting young women to be healthier and slim by smoking

Future Shadow 11.jpg
Focusing on weight loss through nicotine consumption.

Future Shadow 12.jpg
Quote from William Cullen Bryant. Future Shadow -focused on weight loss and avoiding temptation.

Future Shadow 13.jpg
Shakespeare quote, condemning shadows. Focuses on targeting women's diets and nicotine consumption.
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