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Do You Inhale 6.jpg
Woman and man standing with their arms wrapped around each other looking at the moon while smoking a cigarette together

Do You Inhale 5.jpg
Image of a man leaning over to whisper something to the woman, in a sensual manner, who is smoking a cigarette

Do You Inhale 4.jpg
Woman laying on the ground with a sensual looking outfit and heels, while the man, dressed in what appears to be sailor attire, is looking down at her while smoking.

Do You Inhale 3.jpg
Image of a woman in a chair wearing all green, and a man kneeling beside her, the woman looks of upper-class status with a fan in her hand

Do You Inhale 2.jpg
Questioning whether the woman inhales, 7 out of 10 smokes inhale unknowingly -meant to look romantic and sensual

Do You Inhale.jpg
Image of a man holding a lighter up to light the woman's cigarette. The question is 'do you inhale' which has been a subject that was often tabooed
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