Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

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Institute for Global Environmental Strategies


Throughout its two-decade history, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) has worked extensively with governments and other stakeholders in Asia and the Pacific to provide timely and innovative solutions for a wide range of challenges facing sustainable development. The recommendations IGES offers draw from international research teams that focus on themes ranging from climate change, sustainable production/consumption, and biodiversity to sustainable cities and sustainability governance. They also employ diverse methods to conduct work on these areas, including quantitative analysis and action-oriented research. 

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ENGO (Environmental Non-Governmental Organization)

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international organization

Year founded

March 31st, 1998

Budget Information

3,904,988,000 JPY, 2020

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2108-11 Kamiyamaguchi, Hayama, Miura District, Kanagawa 240-0115, Japan

Associated Course

Introduction to Sociology II (Carleton SOCI 1002)

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Meghan Hart


Anonymous, “Institute for Global Environmental Strategies,” Recipro: The history of international and humanitarian aid, accessed July 16, 2024,

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