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Schafer excercise 1.jpg
Pedagogical exercise by R. Murray Schaffer, found on page 18 of his book, Ear Cleaning (1967). In this exercise, students are assigned 2, then 3, and then 4 notes, on which they are to improvise as creatively as possible.

IMG_2656 2.jpg
This photo is featured in Schafer's book, Creative Music Education. It shows him leading a class in relaxation exercises.

This an example of graphic notation created by a student.

Texture exercise Schafer .jpg
This is an exercise created by Schafer to promote musical texture in choral singing. It is found in Creative Music Education.

This is a photograph of a page from Schafer's Creative Music Notation, in which he discusses the idea that a particular musical texture (which he titles "confusions") can be notated in a musical score.

Schafer-texture-clouds and constellations.jpg
This is a photograph of a page from one of Schafer's books, Creative Music Education. It demonstrates Schafer's belief that musical texture can be notated, and shows two textures that Schafer featured in his compositions-he titled these "clouds" and…

RMS letter.jpg
A letter addressed to R. Murray Schafer posing nine questions about pedagogy.

22791013_1488322847911870_1295663202_o 2.jpg
This is a page from one of Schafer's books, Creative Music Education. This page features an example of Schafer's sight-singing exercises designed for school-aged students, and also includes a short letter from a music teacher.

A letter thanking R. Murray Schafer for leading a workshop at a Toronto high school with New Music Concerts in the Schools.

22766403_1487570324653789_302384736_o 2.jpg
Performer's notes for Sun: A Composition for Choir. This gives insight into how Schafer intended his musical notation to be performed.
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