Silent Film Music in Ottawa


Silent Film Music in Ottawa


This collection includes items pertaining to silent film music practice in Ottawa. It also includes items that shed light on theatre orchestras and musicians that played alongside films.

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"Regent Concert Orchestra" [newspaper photo]
Photograph of the Regent Concert Orchestra of the 1917-1918 season. From left to right: Joseph Pelisek (violin), Amédée Tremblay (piano and organ), Julius Hillas (clarinet), Rudolph Pelisek (violin), Horace Wilson (organ), Robert Richard Wimperis…

Amédée Tremblay at the organ
A framed photograph of Amédée with the signature, "P. A. Tremblay", appearing at the bottom.

"L'Intransigeant" opera at Le Monument National [advertisement]
"L'Intransigeant", an opera by Amédée Tremblay and Rémi Tremblay, played at Le Monument National in June 1906. This may have been the premier.

"Canada's Brave Sons off to the War" event at the Russell Theatre [advertisement]
Early notice of films being shown at the Russell Theatre.

The Regent [advertisement]
The first of three times this image of the Regent Orchestra would be featured in the Ottawa Journal between 1917 and 1918. A rare example of putting cinema musicians front and centre in a newspaper advertisement. Click here to learn more about this…

"Charleston Taught on Centre Screen" [article]
An article announcing a series of dance lessons on screen at the Centre theatre.

Flower Theatre [advertisement]
The interior of the Flower Theatre with a Wulitzer Motion Picture Orchestra organ below the screen. A rare example of a photograph of a theatre’s interior and instrument being featured in an advertisement.

"The Birth of a Nation" at the Dominion Theatre [advertisement]
An illustrated advertisement for 1918 showings of the controversial 1915 film "The Birth of a Nation" at the Regent Theatre featuring "Original Effects" and a "Big Orchestra."

"Horace Wilson Has Won Many Honors: Regent Organist Has Had a Varied Career" [article]
A praiseful short biography of Horace Wilson's training and achievements.

Rudolph Pelisek obituary
Rudolph Pelisek obituary. Second page missing from microfilm.
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