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Do You Inhale 3.jpg
Image of a woman in a chair wearing all green, and a man kneeling beside her, the woman looks of upper-class status with a fan in her hand

Do You Inhale 2.jpg
Questioning whether the woman inhales, 7 out of 10 smokes inhale unknowingly -meant to look romantic and sensual

Do You Inhale.jpg
Image of a man holding a lighter up to light the woman's cigarette. The question is 'do you inhale' which has been a subject that was often tabooed

Love and Feminity 10.jpg
Couple smoking a cigarette together, dressed in red and white, resembling the package colours.

Love and Feminity 9.jpg
Man holding a woman who is smoking a Lucky Strike cigarette -indicating he will never let her down, like how the Luckies will never let the consumer down

Love and Feminity 8.jpg
Affluent couple sit on a golden couch in an at-home library, and advertises the cigarettes. The woman is wearing green and the man red, which together matches the cigarette package exactly. It emphasizes the desire to have luxury and financial…

Love and Feminity 7.jpg
Image of a woman holding a cigarette to a mans mouth for him to smoke, both are dressed in high-end clothes

Love and Feminity 6.jpg
Woman and man smoking together, with the caption 'I like what you like' which implies Lucky Strike cigarettes

Love and Feminity 5.jpg
Picture of woman smoking with man, standing in a doorway, what appears to be her place, while the man is casually chatting with her. The overall purpose is to endorse Lucky Strike by implying that they are good enough to have more than one

Love and Femininity 4.jpg
Woman and Man leaning in towards one another, while the man plays a banjo and smokes a Lucky Strike cigarette.
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