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Reach For a Lucky 1.jpg
Starting in 1929, Lucky Strike started a campaign focused on selling tobacco products to women specifically by targeting weight loss. The particular ad reads "To keep a slender figure no one can deny...reach for a lucky instead of a sweet." The…

Reach for a Lucky 2.jpg
Advertisement is of Billie Burke (1886-1971), who played Glinda the Good witch Fairy in the Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Reach for a Lucky 3.jpg
Advertisement featuring Myrna Darby, who performed in Ziegfeld Follies in early 1910-1920s. Darby was also a popular silent film actresss.

Reach for a Lucky 4.jpg
Catherine Moylan, Miss Universe and actress in Ziegfeld Follies, Myrna Darby, and Muriel Finley, Ziegfeld Follies and a renown Hollywood beauty, are featured in this advertisement promoting the consumption of tobacco for the purpose of staying…

Reach for a Lucky 5.jpg
Advertisement focusing on promoting weight loss through cigarette consumption, featuring Elsie de Wolfe.

Reach for a Lucky 6.jpg
Advertisement featuring women, focusing on selling tobacco for sake of weight control

Reach for a Lucky 7.jpg
Advertisement targeting women through weight loss and fat shaming. Focusing on the modern diet and avoidance of temptation, instead of eating sweets, reach for a cigarette.

Reach for a Lucky 8.jpg
Advertisement targeting weight loss, endorsement given by Lady Grace Drummond Hay.

Reach for a Lucky 9.jpg
Advertisement with endorsement from star, Betty Compson. Has information on propaganda.

Reach for a Lucky 10.jpg
Advertisement with information reading Insidious Falsehoods- Boomerangs.
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