Moving through the grey: publishing in action

In the Winter 2018 session, students in The Publishing Business (ISI6314) undertook a project of researching, writing, peer-reviewing, editing and self-publishing an eBook about the constantly transforming world of publishing. Graduate students from the School of Information Science and Department of Communications explored a variety of topics concerning the publishing world today, and grappled with issues surrounding the impact of digital self-publishing on all realms of publishing. Throughout their work, you will discover an industry in the process of transformation, from the socio-cultural and political issues surrounding publishing as an industry, to the emergence of alternative forms of information and knowledge dissemination for trade and academic authors, and to the role of the reader in this ever-changing ecosystem. Titled Moving Through the Grey: Publishing in Actionthe students explore the in-between, the blurring boundaries, and challenge the notion of publishing in the twenty-first century.

Supervising editor

  • Jada Watson, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Arts

Project partners

  • Jeanette Hatherill, Scholarly Communication Librarian
  • Sarah Simpkin, Interim Digital Scholarship Librarian 
  • Mélanie Brunet, Copyright Services Librarian