The following content was created in the context of Phillip Primeau's seminars "Introduction to Sociology II" (SOCI 1002A & SOCI 1002C), in collaboration with Dr. Dominique Marshall's seminar "History of Humanitarian Aid" (HIST 3111A), Carleton University.

Mapping ENGOs

Winter 2021

This map features various Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations from across the world. The ENGOs were catalogued by students via a crowd-sourcing form on this site as part of the learning activity, Mapping Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations.

A Conversation with Andrea Carrion

Andrea Carrion is currently the project coordinator of the initiative "Building Leadership in Latin American and Carribean Cities in the midst of Climate Change", based in the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, Ecuador.

In this interview hosted by Phillip Primeau, Carleton University alumna Andrea Carrion discusses the approach and research methods she used while investigating mining and resource extraction in Ecuador.