The Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) was the antechamber of World War II. It created a groundswell of international solidarity, as proof was given that the people in arms could stop the spread of authoritarian conservatism and its fascist offspring. Important international solidarity campaigns were held all over the globe, involving non-military and military initiatives, in both the legal and extralegal spheres. 

Ultimately, the Republic lost the war because of a lack of military support from liberal democracies comitted to appeasement or neutralism. It did, however, win hearts and minds abroad, as its posters and songs remain popular. Moreover, the campaign for Spain is at the origin of later ones, such as the campaign for Solidarnosc, for the victims of apartheid or dictatorships in the Global South. 

History of The Spanish Civil War 

In Fall 2021, students created virtual exhibits to showcase scientific analyses of select topics relating to The Spanish Civil War. These exhibits include interactive features such as maps and timelines, as well as interviews with academics from all over the world!