Digital Project (Carleton, HIST 3111A, Winter 2021)

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Digital Project (Carleton, HIST 3111A, Winter 2021)


Instructions, template and rubric for digital project done in the course History of Humanitarian Aid (HIST 3111A).


Marshall, Dominique


2021 Winter


activity guide for asynchronous course, Word document, 2 pages


Lesson Plan




Jurisdiction of Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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learning activity


6.5 hours


Evaluation: 10 % of the final mark.

Rubric: you will be marked on the following aspects:

  • Content:
    • does the content take well into account the material shared in the course?
  • Creativity:
    • does the project show original, aesthetically compelling, and dynamic ways of engaging with the public?
    • how well is audio-visual aid integrated into the tool? Example:
      • images, videos are relevant and bring meaning;
      • background color of slides is meaningful (ex. used to create sections).
  • Form:
    • is the content presented in a clear, coherent and concise way? Example:
      • paragraphs don't read like an essay;
      • content is formatted for the web,
      • information flows.
    • Grammar, syntax, spelling
  • Following directions
    • (inherent to the digital aspect of the project –were the fields filled according to instructions, including syntax?)
    • If possible, do the students seem to have structured their information according to the steps and fields provided in the tool?
  • Technical aspects:
    • Do links, videos, audio etc. function properly? Is audio-visual support of good quality? Example: images are not pixelated; audio is clear.
    • Is audio-visual support properly contextualized and credited?


The digital product represents a way to showcase the most interesting results of your individual project on the public platform Recipro. (Goal 8)

Associated Course

History of Humanitarian Aid (Carleton HIST 3111)


Marshall, Dominique, “Digital Project (Carleton, HIST 3111A, Winter 2021),” Recipro: The history of international and humanitarian aid, accessed July 16, 2024,

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