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A digital resource exploring Canada's two-hundred year relationship with the most performed and translated playwright in the world.

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About the Project

The Shakespeare in Canada project focusses on the intersection of pedagogy, research, and digital humanities and involves students registered in Shakespeare courses (ENG 3133 Elizabethan Shakespeare; ENG 3134 Jacobean Shakespeare; and ENG 4142 a fourth-year seminar course, “How Shakespeare Became ‘Shakespeare’”).  It will begin the process of the systematic recording and subsequent analysis of the reception of Shakespeare in Canada, creating an interactive cultural map of the presence of this classic and the way in which his works have shaped -- and continue to shape -- Canadian culture. The project will harvest data, synthesize knowledge, forge new relationships, and make available findings in an open access format.  At the heart of the project is the analysis of the place (both literally and metaphorically) of the classic in our contemporary, digital age. 

Project team:

Irene Makaryk, English Department
Tony Horava, Associate University Librarian
Nancy Lemay, Digital Humanities Librarian
Ann Hemingway, English Literature Liaison Librarian
Roxanne Lafleur, Library and Audiovisual Support Specialist

Student teams:

These students volunteered for the Shakespeare 400 project via the Community Service Learning program in which experiential learning replaces more traditional assignments.

ENG 3134 Jacobean Shakespeare:

Sydney Anne Kerr-Wilson
Matthew Walwyn
Vanessa Ness
Emily Potter
Trajena Healey
Meghan Siciliano
Jean-Sebastien Grenier
Maddie Cull-Hewitt

ENG 3133 Elizabethan Shakespeare:

Samantha Ann Petersen
Kelsey Rebecca Butler
Sarah Pennington
Emily Jayne Reid
Isabelle Seguin
Hanan Al Warraq
Jennie Long
Sarah Christine Ruszala
Ruth Truong
Alicia Duffley
Ayden Patrick Allen
Sarah Kamah