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Questions for Research (September 2023)

HIS2100 class members will determine the research questions that we will pursue during the course of the semester. The following questions strike us as relevant.

  • How did francophone identity evolve on campus in reaction to Quebec's silent revolution and increasing enrollment of anglophone students?
  • How was the North American counterculture movement reflected, expressed, and experienced on the campus of the University of Ottawa?
  • How were headline national events like the October Crisis, Summit Series, and OPEC embargo felt and experienced?
  • How did more women trekking to campus, the availability of birth control and the “free love” philosophy reshape gender relations, dating, and sexuality on campus?
  • How did popular culture like rock and roll, television, and films influence students and their experience on campus?
  • How did the campus, classroom environment, and local amenities pattern student social life?

Peoples History - Years of Hope and Anger -1964 - 1976

CBC, Canada: A People's History, "Episode 16: Canada - A Peoples History - Years of Hope and Anger -1964 - 1976," May 4, 2001, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPFHZMsNOYQ