Time to Play God

Molding Models In My Own Image?

3D printing may become the simpler alternative to anotomical models, but while completing this task for the first time myself, I ran into a few isues. The following recounts in detail my journey through the 3D Printing world. I must admit, being able to print objects, as complex as they may be, makes me feel like... God?

In the case of my project, I revisit this idea of artistic expression to give educational output. Clarifying certain models so that they may identify specifically the illness or part that is to be represented, while keeping a general idea of the rest of the model intact. In other words, I don’t change the shape or function of the object, but I blur out certain details to leave them as outlines of the bigger picture. In their case, they want to use these models, specifically in the case of restoration or creation, while I use it in the case of child education and outreach.

Picture taken by Shanna Ossé