The dwellings found in the data, are sorted by parish in the lists below. These are not addresses in the way we undertand them today. There are no house numbers or street names. Instead, houses are identified by their situations, whether given random numbers, identified as being close to landmarks or important figures' houses. The data collected from the annual Stati for this project, is intended to capture and identify the Spanish or Portuguese people living in Rome, but it also captures the people living in the same household. the links provided below point to the individuals of said parish and their dwellings. More dwellings by parish will be added as the database grows.

Parish: Sant'Eustachio (description)

Parish: San Biagio della Fossa (description

Parish: San Lorenzo in Damaso (description)

Parish: San Marcello (description)

Parish: San Marco (description)

Parish: Santa Maria e Gregorio in Vallicella (description)

Parish: Santa Maria in Campitelli (description)

Parish: Santa Maria in Via (description)