The Glossary, is an alphabetically ordered repository of terms found in the original Stati delle'anime that includes English translations of data from the original document. The Glossary contains three sections 1) Family Terminology; 2) Occupations; 3) Title and Status, with each section containing terms organized into alphabteical blocks. Each block has an original rendering of the term in the original on the left-hand side, with a corresponding English translation on the right-hand side. 1) Family Terminology, covers all terms that were used to describe people's relationship to members of a household. 2) Occupations, concerns all job descriptions that were given by communicates to parish priests. 3) Title and Status, are terms that ultimately decribe a person's social-standing in the community, or titles that a person used to describe themself. Terms with more than one commonly rendered form (e.g.:advocato; avocado; avvocato) are presented together and follow in alphabetical order. Furthermore, certain English translations are accompanied by short definitions, especially concerning occupations that are now defunct or unobvious.